Welcome to my newsletter, Monetary Mechanics. I’m currently a Macro Research Analyst at a mid-sized hedge fund. I started this newsletter to share some of the more interesting and unconventional research that I like to do in my spare time. I focus on financial plumbing and the mechanics of the monetary system from both a modern and historical perspective.

Paid subscribers will receive an in-depth weekly research note (~ 3,000 words) containing original proprietary research, market commentary, reviews of academic literature (including books, journal articles, FED/ECB/IMF/BIS papers, etc.), as well as anything else potentially interesting and/or relevant.

In addition to premium content, I’ll also post free content several times per week in order to refine my own thinking and research, as well as (hopefully) generate thought-provoking discussions with other market participants.

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My original proprietary macro research covering the mechanics of the monetary system, financial plumbing, economic history, and its influence/impact on the global economy.


Global Macro HF Analyst. I'm interested in the mechanics of the monetary system, financial plumbing, and economic history.